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Welcome to the world of Carrie Carlin,
NEW! A standalone Novel of Romantic Suspense

A gripping tale of romance, deception and redemption.


“This is a terrific book! ….Throughout the story the author develops the characters and the relationship….The plot of the mystery portion of the story is well crafted, with suspense, action, and enough surprises to hold the reader's interest throughout…. Strongly recommended to both those who enjoy romances and those who love a good mystery.” 

“….Tesler has done a masterful job of creating a terrific cast of characters, two of whom have a steamy past that resonates throughout the story. Ms. Tesler has also well crafted a mystery that immerses the reader into the terrifying world of cults that prey on the young and idealistic. This book has made me a fan of the romantic suspense genre in general and Nancy Tesler's writing in particular.”

A young man is murdered at the Greenwich Village Halloween parade and a girl who witnessed the killing disappears. Two former lovers must put aside their differences and work together to uncover the dark secret of the malevolent cult holding her captive.

Samantha Barron, victim advocate for the Bergen County NJ prosecutor’s office, and a Munchausen-by-Proxy survivor, has her world shaken up when the man who threw her off  his elite NOVA (National Organization for Victim’s Assistance) crisis response team insinuates himself into a case involving the disappearance of one of her clients. A terrified young girl shows up at Samantha’s office blurting out a story about having witnessed a horrific stabbing murder at the Greenwich Village Halloween parade; then suddenly bolts crying that she is a Judas, she should never have come.

Samantha must put aside her feelings about this man, attorney Douglas Ruark, with whom she had once been desperately in love. She is forced to work with him to find and rescue the girl before the people within the group they believe are holding her captive, discover that she had witnessed the killing and can identify the murderer.  In the process, they learn valuable truths about themselves and about each other.


Author Nancy Tesler’s Bestselling
“Other Deadly Things”
Mystery Series
is available in Amazon’s Kindle Store!

“If you like lovable, dysfunctional characters and a story
that includes mayhem and murder, then you’ll be mad about this series.”

Old Book Barn Gazette

“This is amateur sleuthing at its charming, endearing, laughable and surprising best.”
Charlotte Austin Review


Book One, "Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things” introduces amateur sleuth, Carrie Carlin, stress-reduction biofeedback therapist and soon-to-be divorced single mom whose tranquil life is turned upside down when, on the eve of her fortieth birthday, her husband of eighteen years takes off with a sexy young wicked witch. A double whammy, but nothing compared to what she will face when she’s accused of knocking off the bimbo.

In Book Two, Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things” it’s Carrie’s best friend, Meg, who is in trouble when her brother-in-law is killed (murdered?) in a boating accident in Key West, and Meg’s husband goes missing. Planning to do only some hand-holding and a little biofeedback therapy, Carrie flies to the rescue and becomes embroiled in a plot where it’s a toss-up as to who or what is more dangerous—the villains or the marine life.

Book Three, "Shooting Stars and Other Deadly Things” brings readers back to suburbia where Carrie can focus on her stressed-out clients, her daughter’s operatic debut at the local community theater, and warding off the matrimonial advances of her new lover, homicide cop, Ted Brodsky. That is, until compassion for a friend coupled with her unquenchable curiosity thrusts her into the middle of Ted’s latest case in which, what appears to be a simple bike vs. pedestrian accident, turns out to be a tangled web of Asian mob intrigue.

“Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things,” Book Four, introduces Carrie’s not very loveable stepmother, Eve, who drags Carrie kicking and screaming into her unsavory, heretofore hidden past where extortionists lurk, and the threat of secrets about to be revealed leads to a murder which puts Eve in the clink, and Carrie’s life and her relationship with Ted in jeopardy.  Carrie’s own stress level shoots into the stratosphere as she finds herself the target of a nameless assailant with a heart as cold as the gold he covets.

Then there’s Book Five, “Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things.” How could Carrie predict that a killer would off a victim who’s riding a chairlift at the peaceful ski resort where her biofeedback convention is being held? For the answer to this and other intriguing questions---

“Don’t miss this stand-out-from-the-crowd cliffhanger with its slightly frazzled
commitment-phobic heroine, who’ll tickle your funny-bone as she steals your heart.”

Janet Evanovich, author of the Stephanie Plum novels

What's next?
Nancy is presently working on a new amateur sleuth series!




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